Van Buren Landscape, Greenfield MN
Full-service landscape company specializing in design & installation.
Drain Tiling, Culverts and Basins
Flooding is an issue for many homeowners especially during spring thaw.  Drainage and water control is something Van Buren Landscape has extensive experience with.  We know how to analyze your problem, find the source and create a drainage system that will permanently correct your problem.

Drainage problems can have many sources, that is what makes them so tricky for the homeowner. Van Buren Landscape is trained in diagnosing problems and finding the correct solution. Because there can be more than one contributor to a drainage issue it is important to have a professional analyze your situation.  VBL is qualified to search, diagnose and solve whatever drainage problems you may be encountering.  We will design a specific drainage system that will eliminate your flooding situation.  If the solution involves re-grading your property we are equipped for that, if you need a retaining wall we can build you one, drain tiles, drainage pipes, even culverts can be installed by VBL’s trained workmen.  So put away your rubber rafts and call Van Buren Landscape to bail you out.

Van Buren Landscape is a certified professional:
  • Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Professional
  • National Concrete Masonry Association
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute
  • Angie's List A rating